LagosLivesOn: A tribute to a resilient city

In the final instalment of our seven-part series, we capture the spirit of Lagos through the eyes of a street performer 

LAGOS - Lagos is a city of contrasts. It is home to some of the richest and poorest people in Africa, a hub of commerce and culture, a place of chaos and creativity. It is also a city of survivors, who make the most of what they have and find joy in the midst of hardship.

This is the message that a street performer conveys as he balances a heavy iron bar on his teeth and reaches for a pan, creating a striking contrast between the metal and the blue sky. He is the subject of the last image in my series of photographs that pay tribute to the lively and resilient city of Lagos, Nigeria.

I left Lagos a while ago, but I still miss the city. This series is my way of reconnecting with it and sharing its beauty with you. I hope that my images will inspire you to appreciate the city and its people, who embody its spirit of courage and skill.

I am offering you a rare opportunity to own a limited edition print of this remarkable image. Only 20 copies are available, and they are exclusive to my website. I am also running a special sale on Boxing Day, where I will offer discounts on this print and others from the series. To get the details, follow me on Instagram. Or look out for the print sale on my website on the 26th.

How do you feel about this image and the story behind it? Are you inspired by the performer’s strength and talent? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and tag your friends who love Lagos!

LagosLivesOn: A tribute to a resilient city

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