Helping news outlets cover stories with real insights...

Helping news outlets cover stories with real insights from Nigeria 

I live in Nigeria's commercial hub, Lagos, where I work as a freelance multimedia journalist for international media outlets. 

A Bloomberg certified journalist, I deploy technical skills to produce well-researched, up-to-the-minute and unbiased compelling reports for print, radio, television and online.  
Samuel Okocha has been a valued Nigeria correspondent for news agency International News Services for six years. In that time, he has undertaken complex and detailed reports on subjects such as higher education, personal care products, textiles, energy, accounting and commercial crime. He has also covered Benin and Togo. Reporting on Nigeria is not easy and Samuel does it with honesty, accuracy and commitment to uncovering the truth.
 —  Keith Nuthall, Editor and Director, International News Services Ltd.
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My journalism work has appeared on numerous top-tier media platforms, including:
  • Euronews
  • Voice of America
  • Radio France International
  • Aljazeera Plus
  • CBC News
  • NPR  
We hired Samuel as a freelance reporter for the second episode of our podcast series “The Star Ingredient”, to conduct and record interviews and scenes in Lagos, Nigeria. 
From beginning to end, we were extremely impressed and heartened by his enthusiasm, professionalism and responsiveness to all of our needs.
Additionally, he did a fantastic job of co-ordinating various recording sessions and was a reliable communicator throughout the whole process. From the rushes it was clear that he managed to put all of our interview subjects at ease considering some of them were not used to being interviewed at length. 
He was able to draw out in-depth well-recorded testimonies which was crucial to getting the material we needed for the podcast. 
I would recommend Samuel highly for any project and would not hesitate to work with him again.
  — Aisling Ní Chúláin, Multimedia Journalist, Euronews
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Samuel Okocha

Samuel Okocha is a Lagos based freelance journalist & street & documentary photographer. He works in radio, print, photo & video for international media outlets.
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