I help publications cover stories with real insights...
I help publications cover stories with real insights from Nigeria 

I live in Nigeria's commercial hub, Lagos, where I work as a freelance multimedia journalist. Topics I have covered range from politics and conflict issues to technology, business, higher education and human interest stories.

A Bloomberg certified journalist, I deploy technical skills to produce well-researched, up-to-the-minute and unbiased compelling reports for print, radio, television and online.  

My journalism work has appeared on numerous top-tier media platforms, including Aljazeera Plus, Africa News, Radio France International, CBC News, NPR and Voice of America. I have also written for several specialist magazines such as UK based Cosmetics Business, Accounting and Business, Energy World and University World News.  

I am available to discuss how I can help you with journalistic and multimedia content from my base in Lagos, Nigeria. Get in touch here.

Content services for media outlets, service providers and businesses

Reach out if you need:

Writing services

Blog posts and articles
- Market research and white papers
- Website content and copywriting
- Email newsletters
- Press releases

- Case studies
- Whitepapers 

Audio content 

Vox pop
- Interviews
- Tape syncing
- Live phoner for radio
- Fully produced reports and features

Visual content

- Interviews
- B-roll and rushes
- Photography for print, web and social media
- Video content for TV news, web and social media
- Fully reported and produced package for web and TV

Samuel Okocha

Samuel Okocha is a Lagos based freelance journalist & street & documentary photographer. He works in radio, print, photo & video for international media outlets.
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