LagosLivesOn: A snapshot of life in the city of hustle and bustle

LagosLivesOn: A snapshot of life in the city of hustle and bustle

In the fourth instalment of our series, we share a photo of Balogun Market, one of the island’s largest and most popular bazaars.

LAGOS - Balogun Market is a vast and bustling marketplace located on Lagos Island. From fabrics and fashion to jewels and food, Balogun Market offers a glimpse of West Africa's rich and varied commerce. The sprawling market, in the Nigerian commercial capital, is one of the region's largest and liveliest.

The market is a hive of activity, where traders hawk their goods with loud and persuasive voices, and where customers bargain and negotiate for the best prices. The place teems with people: buyers, sellers, onlookers, passers-by. It is a chaotic but colourful scene, full of energy and contrasts. Lagos is a city where confusion and order, mess and beauty, coexist.

I took this picture last year, trying to capture the essence of the market, and the vibrant spirit that makes it unique. The photo shows a glimpse of the crowded and lively streets, where people move around with bags, carts, and tricycles, and where colourful fabrics and umbrellas create a patchwork of patterns and shades.

But Balogun Market is more than just a place to shop; it is also a place where Lagosians express their culture and identity, and where they face the challenges and opportunities of living in a megacity. The market is a microcosm of Lagos’ economy and society, where diversity, creativity, and resilience are evident in every aspect of its trade and commerce.

I now live in Abuja, but I started this series, LagosLivesOn, to celebrate Lagos and its people. I want to show you the different facets and dimensions of this megacity, and how it shapes and is shaped by its inhabitants. I want to show you why I love Lagos, and why I miss it when I am away.

Stay tuned for the next post, where I will share another image, as I explore some of the themes and issues that define Lagos and its people in this series. Today is 4/7. Onward

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