LagosLivesOn: A portrait of a bus conductor in action

LagosLivesOn: A portrait of a bus conductor in action

In the sixth instalment of our series, we explore how a Lagos bus conductor reflects the energy of the city

LAGOS -  In Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, yellow buses known as danfos ferry passengers across the city. The bus conductor has a vital role: he shouts the destination, collects the fare and sometimes helps the driver navigate the traffic. He hangs on to the bus, risking his life, as he scans the streets for customers. His face shows his grit and zeal.

This image, taken on an iPhone, captures the energy needed to make things happen in Lagos. It was part of Mobo Photo Fest, the first photography exhibition to run alongside MojoCon, a mobile-journalism conference, in Galway, Ireland, in May 2017. I was honoured to have my work showcased among other talented mobile photographers from around the globe,

What do you think of this image? Does it reflect Lagos’s spirit and its people?

I now live in Abuja, but I started this series to celebrate Lagos and its people. This series ends on day seven with a flash sale of limited-edition prints of some of the images. They will be available for 24 hours. It's a chance to own piece of the city that lives on.

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